Four Circles of Leadership

Leaders drive a positive culture and employee engagement by their actions. Increased engagement leads to increased financial performance, customer satisfaction and employee attendance and retention.

This one-day program demonstrates how you optimise the trust, flow, meaning and mood your people experience.  You will be able to immediately use practical insights and tools.  This program is also an opportunity for leaders to reflect upon what personally engages them.

The impact of the program is enhanced by integrating The Four Circles online profile and short sustainment workshops.

Champions of Change

People and organisations are capable of profound change yet most attempts to change fail. This one-day program is designed to make any change initiative more likely to succeed by helping leaders to:

  • Present a compelling vision of desired change to their team and other stakeholders
  • Prepare for and overcome relapse and resistance to change
  • Utilise thoughts, emotions, behaviour and resources to make changes sustainable

Leader as Coach and Mentor

If you apply coaching and mentoring skills, you can deliver your organisation a competitive advantage by:

  • Helping colleagues to efficiently make sustainable change
  • Sharing cultural values and organisational memory
  • Building collaboration, resilience and engagement

This one-day program transfers powerful coaching and mentoring techniques that can be utilised in your daily work.

Team Building and Off-site Facilitation

We design and facilitate team-building days and offsites. Clients describe these events as engaging, fun, and productive. We tailor our programs to help organisations achieve their vision and goals.


Four Circles of Leadership

This online questionnaire and report assists each leader to reflect on how they foster trust, flow, meaning, and positive mood within their team. Rich and clear summary data identify strengths and challenges for each leader and across the organisation.

This profile is useful to perform before and after the Four Circles of Leadership Training Program.


1:1 Executive Coaching

Our coaching blends commercial insight and behavioural science to deliver practical solutions. We have a team of coaches who have significant organisational experience and a strong knowledge of behavioural science. We have helped coachees:

  • Clarify goals and a roadmap to achieve them
  • Be compelling and persuasive with any audience
  • Elevate emotional and social intelligence
  • Manage energy and time

Sessions are 1-1, challenging and encouraging.

360 Interviewing and Feedback

Feedback from colleagues is a powerful way for leaders to grow. Matched to the seniority of the leader, we combine online surveying and in-person interviewing to help leaders appreciate their strengths, become aware of blind spots, and face challenges. In high trust environments we gather on-the-record feedback that might include dynamic, real-time, group feedback in the leader’s presence.

1:1 Bespoke Outplacement Coaching

We provide individual outplacement coaching that is flexible and tailored to each coachee’s needs. We work with coachees to:

  • Evaluate and plan their career
  • Develop persuasive CV’s and prepare for winning interviews
  • Leverage their networks through advocates and social media
  • Prepare for the first 90 days of a new role

Coachees leave our sessions feeling encouraged and motivated with a roadmap for success.