• “Whiddon realised that we needed to refresh the way we grow and develop our upcoming leaders. Since beginning our partnership with HeathMartin we haven’t looked back! From the start, Rebecca and Luke have consulted with us to ensure that every aspect of our 12 month program reflects Whiddon values and goal, supports The Whiddon Way and meets our needs as an aged care employer in regional, rural and remote Australia. HeathMartin regularly monitor participant progress toward learning outcomes and evaluate feedback - making changes where required. Following completion of the Leadership Development program, participant’s feedback included: “Rebecca and Luke rock! They make learning fun!”, “I am a much more confident leader now - I have learned to trust myself”, “I have noticed a huge change in my level of confidence, my resilience and my ability to lead my team with strength and conviction”, “I always leave the workshops with new ideas and practical techniques I can use with my team. Participants consistently rated the overall quality of the Leadership Development program content as 9.9/10 and the quality of the presenters as 10/10. We strongly recommend HeathMartin to any organisation who takes leadership seriously and who strives to build strong leadership capability in their workforce.”

    Melissa Sinfield / Josh Keech

    Learning and Development Manager / Executive General Manager People and Culture, The Whiddon Group

  • “Rebecca and Luke have completed a number of engagements with Orbis ranging from executive coaching and personal mentoring in a one on one capacity to facilitating team workshops with groups of up to 15 people covering various briefs. Rebecca and Luke are totally committed to achieving excellent outcomes and are naturally aligned with the ethos of our firm. Their experience, wisdom, understated intellect and down to earth approach has been well received within Orbis and we appreciate their contribution to the development of our people.”

    Lisa Boyd

    Head of Fund Operations (Sydney), Orbis Investments

  • HEATHMARTIN provides exceptional training and coaching. They have a deep knowledge of business and psychology that enables them to deal with a range of issues. They are an excellent sounding board for complex issues and are genuinely interested in your challenges. I have engaged Luke Heath in India, Singapore, and Australia. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending HEATHMARTIN to any individual or company.”

    Ross Davies

    Head of Listed Derivatives Clearing Sales, BNP Paribas Australia

  • “Rebecca and Luke (HEATHMARTIN) developed a 12 month Leadership Program specifically tailored to the needs of our business. They took the time to understand the Childcare environment, integrate the curriculum with the National Quality Framework and build a program that would develop our Directors, Management team and Room Leaders. It was terrific to see the passion, commitment and progress within the team during the 12 months. We have continued to have Rebecca coach within our business post-program as her contribution is invaluable. Thank you for your wonderful approach and your ability to reach out and relate to our child educators as well as you do.”

    Alison and Mark Wharton

    Directors, Kindalin Early Childhood Learning Centres

  • “Our team completed the HeathMartin ESP program. The ESP generated specific insights into our selling attitudes and approaches that target removing obstacles to selling. Without doubt its focus on promoting strengths and dealing more effectively with weaknesses in both individuals and across the team has been remarkably effective at boosting our teams sales performance.”

    Brendan Bates

    Managing Director, Xtime Australia

  • “I have engaged Rebecca Martin (HEATHMARTIN) to run quarterly workshops for our leadership team.  Her course design, commercial experience and ability to engage the whole team is outstanding. She takes the time to really understand not only our business, but also our people.  The workshops have been thought provoking for us as leaders, with tools that can be applied to our business straight away.  She is professional and enthusiastic and I have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca and HEATHMARTIN.”

    Mike Lightfoot

    CEO - Milmeq

  • HEATHMARTIN was the best investment I made when setting up my new business, as Rebecca steered me on the right path to achieve success early on. Her professional coaching skills have continued to provide nurturing and sound guidance in overcoming challenges, shape and cement my expanding business model, celebrate the wins and future proof my offering.”

    Angela Feruglio

    Director, Seed Advertising

  • “Rebecca was considered, intelligent, and demonstrated a thorough understanding of the particularities of our business. We couldn’t have been happier with the results of her coaching.”

    Virginia McLeod

    Editorial Director, Outcast Editions

  • “Very few, if any coaches have the intellect and conceptual understanding (of people, business and overall working environments) that Luke Heath has.”

    Daniel Wise

    Global Head – Property, Orica

  • HEATHMARTIN care. They care about leveraging the drivers of performance to coach individuals to be the best. And they care about developing the next generation of professionals. Without their coaching and training, the leaders within our business would not have the courage to tackle one of Australia's most complex social issues. We are a better team and organisation thanks to HEATHMARTIN.”

    Michael Combs

    Founder and CEO, CareerTrackers

  • “Recently I engaged Rebecca Martin to facilitate an important strategy day for our Executive and Sales Leadership teams here at Xtime.  Through her internal team and independent external research, her care in understanding our business issues and appreciation of our cultural nuances, she developed a rigorous agenda, but most impressively delivered out objective in one day - respecting our most valued resource - time. Rebecca has a great understanding of business and can focus the participants on what is important.  She was instrumental in getting buy-in from all team members and secured consent for actionable next steps before concluding the day by "amazingly" summarizing the activities during the few brief breaks. I would highly recommend Rebecca for her commercial acumen, excellent facilitation skills, and ability to engage all participants.  ”

    Corey Roberts

    Senior Vice President, Sales, Xtime USA

  • “We wanted to develop a bespoke program to contextualise our current business environment, and to use it as background to encourage our people to reimagine the business in the future. HEATHMARTIN was particularly effective at making sure we focused at the right level. Rebecca developed an understanding of our business and its context, and developed and delivered a tailored program for a broad group of our senior leaders, which set the focus for our Leadership Offsite. Feedback was very positive! We enjoyed working with Rebecca and I have no hesitation recommending Rebecca and HEATHMARTIN to other organisations.”

    Mark Horton Andrews

    General Manager – Executive, Australian Unity Investment

  • “GoGet Carshare would be nowhere without the support of Luke Heath. A few years ago, during a particularly challenging period, Luke convinced me to stick at it and continue the business. This considered and dispassionate advice from someone who had experienced similar challenges was the difference between success and failure for us. Thanks again Luke!”

    Nic Lowe

    Founder GoGet Carshare

  • “I am delighted to pen my recommendation for HEATHMARTIN with regards to the BOQ Business (Financial Markets & Trade Finance) Leadership Program and Offsite that is currently under way. The Offsite was an outstanding success from both my perspective and the newly appointed leadership team.  The most satisfying aspect was the significant time given pre and post the offsite to listening, understanding and planning how to maximise the value of not only the two days away from the office but the commitment to follow through.  This follow through is still underway with the leadership team and the wider colleagues. The business discussions within and across BOQ teams have significantly increased in depth and this has translated to more informed and successful engagement with our Customers on providing timely and focussed risk management solutions. I am more than happy to take a call or email from any prospective Client that may be interested in hearing more about the strong working relationship we have with HEATHMARTIN.”

    Michael Peric

    GM – Financial Markets & Trade Finance, Bank of Queensland

  • “I have over twenty years financial markets experience and during that time have completed many sales and management courses. The amazing point I would like to make is that the best aspects of all those courses barely match the quality and insight that HEATHMARTIN provides.  Since undertaking their coaching, my productivity has improved by at least 15%. Furthermore HEATHMARTIN has helped to improve both my level of engagement within my business as well as improve my business profile. I would unreservedly recommend HEATHMARTIN to anyone wanting to get ahead in business.”

    Andrew Hardman

    Director Corporate FX and Commodities, Westpac, (Sydney)

  • “I approached Rebecca initially because I’d reached overload. She prompted me, supportively, humorously and with style, to prioritise my work and non-work goals. I made choices which restored my life’s balance. I then sought her out for her expertise in preparation for, and conduct of, complex negotiations. Firstly, I had a particularly tough case which required an approach to a multinational company for access to financial results to support my client’s hard-fought Federal Court litigation. When that was successful, I then asked her to be my guide to prepare my practice for sale and to be my back-up as I negotiated it to the line. She is big-end-of-town experienced, professional, skilled and positive in her approach. She will walk through fire with her clients.”

    Anna Kerdijk Nicholson


  • “Luke provided outplacement coaching to 35 of our people: from Managing Directors to Junior Accountants. Feedback on Luke is consistently excellent. He has a strong knowledge of prospective employers and effective ways to reach them, interview, and negotiate compensation. Luke makes himself available 7 days as needed. He genuinely cares that each person does well. Personally, Luke has helped guide me through the uncertainty. He has been a great support and has helped to keep me confident and positive on prospects and opportunities. I would be a happy to recommend him to others.”

    Diana Lollato

    Managing Director - Lloyds International

  • “Once you have worked with Rebecca your perspective will be expanded and you will always have the capability to create & think outside the square. Rebecca is great to work with - She just has an amazing ability of bringing out your best in you all the time, I recommend her highly.”

    Kevin Seeley

    Broker Development Manager, Teachers Mutual Bank

  • “Luke Heath has provided some valuable advice to me in recent years regarding career direction and industry insights. I am greatly appreciative of the genuine care Luke demonstrates in helping people succeed and I subsequently arranged for Luke to host a cross divisional coaching session to motivate a group of 50 company employees via VC across 3 locations. The session was a phenomenal success due to Luke’s clear and strategic thinking on converting the brief, to ensure he delivered an interactive, insightful and highly engaging group session. He has a deep understanding of the nature of our business given his experience in financial markets, and he was able to provide extremely useful and practical tips and techniques to build persuasion skills for all meeting situations. The session showcased Luke’s unique ability to listen intently and engage an audience across a diverse range of personalities, roles and ranks.”

    Chelsea Wise

    Director Private Banking, Credit Suisse

  • “Luke has been a tremendous help in my career. He is a very good listener and his advice is always sensible and to the point. He has steered me to play to my strengths and has helped me improve my weaknesses. His insight into how to deal with difficult situations has proven to be unparalleled. I always come away from a discussion with Luke feeling like I have improved myself.”

    Nicholas Scarf

    Managing Director and Country Head Newedge Singapore

  • “Not only is Rebecca incredibly approachable, personable, and professional, but her guidance is sound and sensible with a high regard for my personal growth. She has consistently encouraged me to strive for success in all areas; for many achievements, I credit Rebecca's involvement.”

    Bronwen Adams

    Channel 10

  • “Luke Heath has been a valuable resource in identifying core development issues and personal growth opportunities. His willingness to listen, ability to clearly dissect an issue and proven motivational techniques helped me develop better working relationships, increased productivity and retain my focus on both firm and personal goals. I have found his perspectives thoughtful and insightful and his communication style professional and candid.”

    Beau Dixon

    Director, Head of Financial Sponsors – Mergers & Acquisitions, KPMG Australia

  • “Luke Heath is a most professional executive coach on both national and international levels. He never misses the most important aspects of the coaching experience because of his outstanding intellect, emotional intelligence and well-honed commercial acumen. His strategic and tactical coaching has helped my clients achieve measurable results with the leadership and sales challenges facing their growth. He has provided my clients the highest level of coaching and he is the “coaches’ coach”. Many people say they are executive coaches but very few really differentiate by utilizing a multitude of models to achieve results far beyond expectations. I seriously recommend him for his ability to deliver unsurpassed value time and time again to executives and their organisations.”

    Nancy Kazdan

    CEO of the Kazdan Group

  • “I found Luke Heath extremely discrete and professional to deal with, while maintaining genuine concern for the people that he was supporting. The outplacement reviews were all extremely positive both for Luke and also for GTS in providing this service.”

    Murray Chatfield

    COO, GTS

  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Luke Heath for the past 12 months. Since our first session I have learnt about myself and grown incredibly as an adviser. Luke has a unique ability to guide me to achieve far beyond my expectations. A proven performer with enormous insight to business, I recommend his services to those who wish to succeed.”

    Hamish Church

    Client Advisor, UBS

  • “Luke is forthright and creative, which combined with his experience allowed me to realise more constructive and targeted means of presenting my case to future employers. This all helped foster an inner confidence to take into my next interview and beyond. Luke really is the antithesis to cookie-cutter outplacement programs.”

    Daniele Goldberg

    Lloyds Bank

  • “Luke has provided me with invaluable advice which has not only helped me to succeed professionally but has also improved my health, well being and overall happiness. He is exceptionally professional and caring by nature. Thank you Luke for your great work and support.”

    Joe Jin

    Senior Associate, PIMCO

  • “Few people approach their work with the ethics, professionalism, passion and dedication as Luke did with me. I couldn't have asked for more. Thank you Luke! You're advice and guidance were invaluable.”

    Antony Selby

    Financial Planning